First Move Health

"Feeling young never gets old"

New Patient Exam:   Currently not accepting new patients.  

    Physical exam:   The most important part.  I need to learn about your body.  All physicians use the physical exam to investigate the complaints.  The exam is the investigation.  I am looking to uncover the culprit.  Sometimes it is so simple that you and I will be surprised.  Your physical complaints deserve attention.  The physical exam, in my opinion and experience, never ends.   Our bodies are dynamic and ever changing.  Even though the exam never ends......the fee is only once.

The Adjustment:   

     "Every engineer knows the importance of the foundation when building a structure."  (Herbst, DC Sci-Chi Publications 1980)  A good foundation insures durability and long life.  The average hospital stay for hip and knee replacements are around 7,000 to 10,000 dollars.  PLEASE pay attention to this next statement.  Any slight change or shift in the foundation can cause a great amount of deviation above.   This holds true with the human structure.  The pelvic girdle is the focus and what is considered (from an engineering point of view). 

Please understand that my objective is NOT to straighten your spine.  God has made us unique and every individual has some structural variations.  Your spine will vary according to those differences.  Remember.....medicine has an inclination to package the human body into a normal or not normal category.  WHAT IS NORMAL FOR ONE MAY NOT BE NORMAL FOR​ ANOTHER.