Noisy Joint:  Why do I call it that?   

Nociception is a promoter of joint complex dysfunction.  Nociceptors are the BARE, unmyelinated, beginnings of C fibers and A-delta fibers.  These are NERVES and they are thought to have a 'chicken wire' appearance and weave throughout the tissues which they are found.  

Nociceptors are located in virtually every tissue of the joint complex.  Recent research suggest that nocicepotors may be the predominant receptor type found in joint structures.  

Under normal biomechanical and physiological conditions, nociceptors are not stimulated because their thresholds of activation are too high.  Nociceptors respond to noxious stimuli, such as tissue injury/damage, or to stimuli that is potentially tissue damaging.  

Increased nociceptive input and reduced mechanoreceptive input are associated with joint complex dysfunction.   PAIN is the result of altered joint complex function.  Any joint!  What is really surprising to most is that the nociceptive input from joint complex structure can cause symptoms such as sweating, pallor, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, sinus congestion, dyspnea, cardiac palpitations, and chest pain that minics heart disease. 

Chiropractic Adjustments reduce and/or shut off NOCICEPTIVE storms that cause the pain syndromes. 


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